Throwing Tools
●Gyubera ●Marugote ●Tsurunokubi ●Shippiki
Decorating Tools
●Takebera ●Yumi ●Kushi ●Tobikanna
Trimming Tools
●Kanna ●Tsuchikaki ●Umakaki ●Wakanna
Pop-up Plate Maker
●Pop-up Plate Maker ●Handle ●Sponge
Glazing Tools
●Yuhagashi ●Kirifuki
Other Tools
●Flower Shaped Cutter Set ●Hanaire Ring ●Hanaire Hook ●Knife ●Underglazes
About Us
Japan Pottery Tools, located in San Francisco, California, is a group of people who love to play with clay - like you. After years of throwing, we have learned that good tools can save time and frustration, and that the right tools can help you improve your technique - and produce better pieces. After years of showing friends how to use these traditional Japanese pottery and ceramic tools, we are now delighted to introduce them to you. Because authentic Japanese tools are hard to find in the US, Japan Pottery Tools has imported this essential set.
If you know of other Japanese tools which you would like us to import, please let us know.